Produces a data.frame that describes the output of a query. The data.frame should have as many rows as there are output fields in the result set, and each column in the data.frame describes an aspect of the result set field (field name, type, etc.)

# S4 method for DatabaseConnectorJdbcResult
dbColumnInfo(res, ...)



An object inheriting from DBIResult.


Other arguments passed on to methods.



returns a data frame with at least two columns "name" and "type" (in that order) (and optional columns that start with a dot). The "name" and "type" columns contain the names and types of the R columns of the data frame that is returned from dbFetch(). The "type" column is of type character and only for information. Do not compute on the "type" column, instead use dbFetch(res, n = 0)

to create a zero-row data frame initialized with the correct data types.