Returns the total number of rows actually fetched with calls to dbFetch() for this result set.

Methods in other packages

  • DatabaseConnector::dbGetRowCount("DatabaseConnectorResult")

# S4 method for DatabaseConnectorResult
dbGetRowCount(res, ...)



An object inheriting from DBIResult.


Other arguments passed on to methods.


dbGetRowCount() returns a scalar number (integer or numeric), the number of rows fetched so far. After calling dbSendQuery(), the row count is initially zero. After a call to dbFetch() without limit, the row count matches the total number of rows returned. Fetching a limited number of rows increases the number of rows by the number of rows returned, even if fetching past the end of the result set. For queries with an empty result set, zero is returned even after fetching. For data manipulation statements issued with dbSendStatement(), zero is returned before and after calling dbFetch(). Attempting to get the row count for a result set cleared with dbClearResult() gives an error.