Below are instructions for downloading JDBC drivers for the various data platforms. Once downloaded use the pathToDriver argument in the connect() or createConnectionDetails() functions to point to the driver. Alternatively, you can set the 'DATABASECONNECTOR_JAR_FOLDER' environmental variable, for example in your .Renviron file (recommended).

SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, PDW, Snowflake, Spark, RedShift, Azure Synapse, BigQuery

Use the downloadJdbcDrivers() function to download these drivers from the OHDSI GitHub pages.


Read the instructions here on how to obtain the Netezza JDBC driver.


Go to Cloudera's site, pick your OS version, and click "GET IT NOW!'. Register, and you should be able to download the driver.


For SQLite we actually don't use a JDBC driver. Instead, we use the RSQLite package, which can be installed using install.packages("RSQLite").