CovariateData is an S4 class that inherits from Andromeda. It contains information on covariates, which can be either captured on a per-person basis, or aggregated across the cohort(s).

By default covariates refer to a specific time period, with for example different covariate IDs for whether a diagnosis code was observed in the year before and month before index date. However, a CovariateData can also be temporal, meaning that next to a covariate ID there is also a time ID, which identifies the (user specified) time window the covariate was captured.

A CovariateData object is typically created using getDbCovariateData, can only be saved using saveCovariateData, and loaded using loadCovariateData.

# S4 method for CovariateData

# S4 method for CovariateData



An object of class `CovariateData`.