The OMOP Common Data Model is managed by the OHDSI CDM Working Group. The formal remit of the CDM Working Group (WG) is to hear proposals for change, ratifying only those with valid use cases and data to support them. Then, once ratified, these proposals are incorporated into the next version of the CDM. In the past, this was done by the WG alone. The group would invite others from around the community to present use cases for change and suggestions for improvement. The WG would then vote on the proposals and a new CDM version would be released after a certain period of time or if enough proposals were voted in. This approach worked when the community was smaller but as it is growing rapidly the CDM WG needed to adapt the refresh cycle such that everyone has an opportunity to weigh in on the proposed changes.

CDM Refresh Cycle

1. Define New Version [Completed for v5.4]

The image above describes the new CDM refresh cycle. It begins with defining a new version. This has been completed for the current cycle. Issues and proposals on the github were considered during a 4-hour workshop where it was decided the next CDM version will be CDM v5.4, building off of CDM v5.3. The group then participated in a rapid-fire voting activity to identify which changes should be incorporated into CDM v5.4. Any items that were not unanimously agreed upon were then discussed in small groups to hone the proposal and suggestions were presented back to the group. The final roadmap for CDM v5.4 can be found here.

Looking to open a proposal to change or augment the CDM? Please open an issue and use the proposal template.

2. Sign off from Work Groups [Completed for v5.4]

Each member of the CDM WG is a liaison for another workgroup in the community. They are responsible for presenting the proposed changes to the CDM and collecting the feedback. This has resulted in very helpful suggestions from the EHR, Data Quality, Device, HADES, and ACHILLES groups. This outreach has proven to be very effective and should result in a very stable version.

3. Release DDLs

After all changes and suggestions are agreed upon by the community and work groups the next step is to generate the DDLs. The CDM WG hosted a hackathon on August 18-19, 2021. During this time the group created an R package to automatically generate the DDLs and the code to instantiate an empty CDM instance. Changes were made to v5.3 to generate v5.4 and the repository was refactored.

4. Software Update

There will be period of time once the DDLs are ready to allow the software and methods developers to prepare for the official release of the CDM. This is meant to serve as a buffer so that once the community starts adopting the new model, the tools and methods will be ready to support it.

5. Community Support

This is the final stage of the CDM refresh cycle. Once the DDLs are ready and the software and tools supports the new version, the CDM WG will work to help the community convert their data to the new model.

CDM WG Meeting Information

The CDM working group meets the first and third Tuesday of the month. See below for links to the meetings.

Every first Tuesday of the month at 1pm est Teams Meeting

Every third Tuesday of the month at 1pm est Teams Meeting

Note These were recently changed from a Skype meeting to a Microsoft Teams meeting. If you do you have access to the OHDSI Teams Tenet, please contact Clair Blacketer at .