Create a parameter object for the function computeCovariateBalance

  subgroupCovariateId = NULL,
  maxCohortSize = 250000,
  covariateFilter = NULL



Optional: a covariate ID of a binary covariate that indicates a subgroup of interest. Both the before and after populations will be restricted to this subgroup before computing covariate balance.


If the target or comparator cohort are larger than this number, they will be downsampled before computing covariate balance to save time. Setting this number to 0 means no downsampling will be applied.


Determines the covariates for which to compute covariate balance. Either a vector of covariate IDs, or a table 1 specifications object as generated for example using FeatureExtraction::getDefaultTable1Specifications(). If covariateFilter = NULL, balance will be computed for all variables found in the data.


Create an object defining the parameter values.