Best practice publications using the OHDSI PatientLevelPrediction framework

Topic Research Summary Link
Problem Specification When is prediction suitable in observational data? Guidelines needed
Data Creation Comparison of cohort vs case-control design Journal of Big Data
Data Creation Addressing loss to follow-up (right censoring) BMC medical informatics and decision makingk
Data Creation Investigating how to address left censoring in features construction BMC Medical Research Methodology
Data Creation Impact of over/under-sampling Study being developed
Data Creation Impact of phenotypes Study Done - Paper submitted
Model development How much data do we need for prediction - Learning curves at scale Preprint link
Model development What impact does test/train/validation design have on model performance BMJ Open
Model development What is the impact of the classifier JAMIA
Model development Can we find hyper-parameter combinations per classifier that consistently lead to good performing models when using claims/EHR data? Study needs to be done
Model development Can we use ensembles to combine models developed using different databases to improve models transportability? Paper under review at BMC
Evaluation How should we present model performance? (e.g., new visualizations) JAMIA Open
Evaluation How to interpret external validation performance (can we figure out why the performance drops or stays consistent)? Study needs to be done
Evaluation Recalibration methods Study needs to be done
Evaluation Is there a way to automatically simplify models? Study protocol under development