PhenotypeLibrary is part of HADES

This document is a DRAFT guidance.

Post submission

Validity Checks

Life cycle

  • Cohort Definitions that have passed validity checks get put in the pipeline and will be available in the next release.
  • If a cohort definition completes peer review, then the version number of the library when it was accepted becomes the added version.

Assignment for Peer Review

  • OHDSI will perform on optional open peer review through the OHDSI Phenotype Development and Evaluation workgroup.
  • The peer review may be oral feedback (Recorded video sessions in the OHDSI Phenotype Development and Evaluation work group - archived in the workgroup) or written feedback - in forum.
  • It is up-to the submitter to then consider the peer review recommendations, make changes, or not.
  • Based on the decision of the peer reviewer(s) the cohort definition would be considered accepted.
  • Once accepted, the cohort definitions will be made immutable and a version number will be assigned to it. Key peer review notes will usually be referenced (commonly to the forum post).