ROhdsiWebApi 1.2.1


  1. CreatedDate in getDefinition now returns in proper date time format.
  2. Update Definitions added

ROhdsiWebApi 1.2.0


  1. Removed dependency on ParallelLogger.
  2. Implemented support for security. Thank you @ablack3 @azimov and @anthonysena.
  3. Removed function getConceptSetsFromCohortDefinition because out of scope of this package.
  4. Added vignette.
  5. Added additional tests.

ROhdsiWebApi 1.1.3

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed bug with returning results for incidence rate.

ROhdsiWebApi 1.1.2


  1. Replace read.csv with readr::read_csv, write.csv with readr::write_csv to ensure type stability and use of tibble.
  2. Replaced jsonlite with RJSONIO to address issue with special characters “Sjögren”.
  3. Replaced used of data.frame(), tidyr::tibble().
  4. Fixed bugs due to join on data frame with no row records.

ROhdsiWebApi 1.1.1


  1. Use BIGINT for cohort_definition_id.

ROhdsiWebApi 1.1.0


  1. New functions: getConceptSetsFromCohortDefinition.

Bug fixes:

  1. was causing duplication of date matches.
  2. RJSONIO::toJSON loss of precision #152.

ROhdsiWebApi 1.0.0

Note: This is a major release. This release is expected to break implementations that rely on prior iterations of ROhdsiWebApi.

(last updated : 2020-06-12)


  1. Generic design pattern: Starting with version 1.0.0, we have implemented a new generic design pattern.
  • Functions that go from WebApi to R: will return a R-object (e.g. list, data frame). The function will handle the conversion of non R-objects like JSON objects into R-objects in the background. The returned objects may be inspected in R. We have ensured that all returned objects are represented in the proper data types e.g. dates in are type date, instead of string.
  • Functions that go from R into WebApi: will start with a R-object (e.g. list, data frame). If the WebApi requires a JSON object, the function will handle the conversion of R-object into JSON in the background. More discussion #37
  1. Consistent naming conventions:
  • References to ‘Atlas’ has been replaced by ‘WebApi’. This is because the package is designed to interface directly with WebApi. #21
  • Analysis categories in WebApi such as concept sets, cohorts have been standardized #86 These may now be used in string searches of objects returned by ROhdsiWebApi.
## # A tibble: 7 x 1
##   ` Category`     
##   <chr>           
## 1 ConceptSet      
## 2 Cohort          
## 3 IncidenceRate   
## 4 Estimation      
## 5 Prediction      
## 6 Characterization
## 7 Pathway
  1. Function deprecation:
  • We have made efforts to retain functions (no support) that do not follow design conventions.
  • Note: no support is provided for deprecated functions and may be purged without further notice.
  • See issues #91 and #66 for not following design pattern
  1. Added Vignette

  2. We have implemented a method to provide user with informative error message using package #66. This implementation will attempt to check many potential errors and return them together (instead of default behavior of only showing the first error message.) This implementation is expected to improve usability and efficiency.

  3. New functions

  • Get list of definitions, post definitions, search for definitions by id or string name.
  • Job management: execute/invoke, cancel, generation status information.
  • Names have been chosen so that they follow an easy to remember pattern and are intuitive.

Bug fixes:

  • This is a major change to package with significant code rewrite. No specific bug fixes were targeted in this release.