Package milestones

For each of the HADES packages we try to define milestones corresponding to future releases. Here’s an overview of these milestones:

Overall roadmap

Below is a high-level overview of the overall development roadmap for HADES.

Short term

These tasks are in progress, and should be finished within the next six months:

  • Add competing risk analyses to CohortMethod.
  • Certify support for CDM version 5.4 for all packages in HADES.
  • Develop a modular approach to studies. A study will be defined as a JSON object, executed through a new package called Strategus, and will produce CSV output that can be shared between sites and can be viewed using a modular Shiny app.
  • Develop a characterization package that will allow computing incidence rates, prevalence, and cohort characteristics (using FeatureExtraction).

Medium term

These task will be taken on after the short term tasks are complete. We expect to finish them within the next year:

  • Add the DataQualityDashboard package to HADES.
  • Add option to use a database backend for all Shiny apps.

Long term

These rasks are on our radar, but it is unclear when they will be finished.

  • Add the Achilles package to HADES.
  • Add the PheValuator package to HADES.