Below is a high-level overview of the development roadmap for HADES. Note that each package maintains a much more detailed list of issues.

Short term

These tasks are in progress, and should be finished within the next six months:

  • Add competing risk analyses to CohortMethod.
  • Certify support for CDM version 5.4 for all packages in HADES.
  • Quarterly releases of Hydra, providing the latest and greated of HADES.

Medium term

These task will be taken on after the short term tasks are complete. We expect to finish them within the next year:

  • Add the DataQualityDashboard package to HADES.
  • Move FeatureExtraction into CRAN.
  • Add study package skeletons for characterization studies to Hydra.
  • Add option to use a database backend for all Shiny apps.
  • Create a study skeleton in Hydra for the self-controlled case series.

Long term

These rasks are on our radar, but it is unclear when they will be finished.

  • Add the Achilles package to HADES.
  • Add the PheValuator package to HADES.
  • Refactor signal injection code in MethodEvaluation. The code for positive control synthesis is highly complex, and there are some issues when there are many exposures with length 0. The code should be restructured, with testable units.
  • Move all HADES packages to CRAN.
  • Make Shiny apps more modular.