Below are the database platforms currently supported by HADES, with the following details:

  • Platform: The name of the platform.
  • Abbreviation: the abbreviation used throughout HADES.
  • Status: The status of HADES support. ‘Deprecated’ means code for that platform exists, but the OHDSI community no longer supports it, so no guarantees are given.
  • Testing: Whether the platform is tested in HADES’ continuous integration.
Platform Abbreviation Status Testing
Amazon RedShift redshift Supported Yes
Apache Hive hive Deprecated
Apache Impala impala Deprecated
Apache Spark spark Supported
Azure Synapse Analytics Dedicated synapse Supported
DuckDB duckdb Supported Yes
Google BigQuery bigquery Supported
IBM Netezza netezza Deprecated
Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse pdw Deprecated
Microsoft SQL Server sql server Supported Yes
Oracle oracle Supported Yes
PostgreSQL postgresql Supported Yes
Snowflake snowflake Supported
SQLite sqlite Supported Yes