EvidenceSynthesis 0.2.2 Unreleased


  1. Documenting dependency on Java in the SystemRequirements field of the package DESCRIPTION.

  2. Adding seed argument to computeBayesianMetaAnalysis(). Defaults to a constant value for reproducability.


  1. Fixed plotMetaAnalysisForest() when using grid approximations, including when providing approximations as tibble.

EvidenceSynthesis 0.2.1 2020-11-20


  1. computeBayesianMetaAnalysis() now outputs ESS.

  2. Checking whether required Java version (8 or newer) is installed.

EvidenceSynthesis 0.2.0 2020-11-19


  1. Preparing for CRAN release: Adding missing rmarkdown dependency to Suggests.

  2. Added computeConfidenceInterval() function.

  3. plotMetaAnalysisForest() function now works with normal and non-normal approximations.

  4. Grid points now evenly spaced on log scale, not HR scale.

EvidenceSynthesis 0.1.0 Unreleased


  1. Adding meta-analysis using local non-normal Cox likelihood approximations to avoid bias when sample size is small.

EvidenceSynthesis 0.0.5 Unreleased

Bug fixes

  1. Fixing build error in R 4.0.0.